Who is Jesus 2 U?

Great question!
Do you have a great answer?

Let's face it, we are asked many questions each day.

"Where do you go to school?"
"What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?"
"Did you pick out those clothes you are wearing all by yourself?"
"Uh, would you like fries with that?"

You see, most of the questions we are asked each day don't have much of a permanent impact on our life or on our future.  They usually deal with stuff that's not all that important.  You know, fluff stuff.

That is, until today.  Until this website.

Here you are going to be asked the most important question of your life.  The one, single question that will determine the direction your life will head now and for all eternity.  The very question that changes lives-- your life in fact.

Simply put, "Who is Jesus to you?"

That's right.  Who is Jesus to you?  Not to your mother, Sunday school teacher or Billy Graham.  But, Who is Jesus to you?

Was Jesus a really good guy that lived a long time ago?  Or, maybe he was just the founder of the Christian religion.  Was he a teacher or a holy man... or was he something more.   Maybe something much more indeed!

Want to know the truth?  And, once known, do you want to tell others about the truth that you've just discovered?  Want to be the bearer of the Good News?

If so, the beginning of your journey is just one -click- away.  And it starts right now...